Demeanour Matters

I was recently in a meeting with a former oil & gas executive who’s now working on an intriguing new renewable energy solution. His company claims to have developed a product that produces both solar and wind power. They’re currently looking for a partner to test a prototype. If successful, it could play a big role in the growing renewable energy industry and generate jobs for whatever community it lands in.

As I was listening to him, two things occurred to me. Let’s have a look at two points that most piqued my interest and what those of us without our hands on the levers of the city can do.

  1. Demeanour Matters | investors looking for a municipality to expand their business are looking for a positive demeanour and enthusiasm. This is equally important for City Hall, local media and even those of us with Twitter and Facebook accounts. We all have a responsibility to highlight the opportunities (there are almost always opportunities), without wearing rose-coloured glasses.
  2. Play the hand you’re dealt | No matter who is in charge, there are going to be issues. There are also going to be opportunities. As I listened to this former oil & gas executive, he said business has a responsibility to find the opportunities and forge ahead, despite who the leading government is. I suspect that is driving part of his decision to move into renewables.
    Opportunities are shifting in Alberta and we can either choose to position ourselves for success or put defiant stickers on our car.

The role of Government is to set the rules. Our role is to learn the rules which can position ourselves and our community for success. Investors are looking for communities with a clear vision being carried out with confidence. In that, the demeanour of citizens matters.