Red Rock Union | Conquer the Ridge

Red Rock Union is a Medicine Hat, Alberta-based group that organizes three annual races throughout the year. They asked me to photograph all three events, with Conquer the Ridge half marathon being the final race of the season.

The goal was to give them a pack of promotional photos that showed racers at their best, while highlighting the unique landscape they were competing in.

The race begins in the rugged South Saskatchewan River valley, at Medicine Hat’s Echo Dale Regional Park. After a pretty brutal climb out of the valley along walking paths, racers then run along a ridge that overlooks the river valley.

The views are very pretty, as it’s possible to see the city of Medicine Hat’s entire valley neighbourhoods to the Northeast and the badlands cliffs of the valley to the Southwest.

I was able to keep ahead of the runners by riding my Trek Madone road bike, which still didn’t make the climb too enjoyable. It did allow me to hit all the most photogenic spots though, so it was definitely worth it. Although the fall colours have mostly fallen off the trees by now, the light is fantastic (even into the late morning).

I wrote about this race for Seekers Media, and am happy to have been on hand for the actual race.

It was a great day, although fairly windy along the ridge.