The World’s Largest Teepee

Medicine Hat’s roadside attraction and most visible landmark is the World’s Largest Teepee. It is also arguable the most-photographed structure in Southern Alberta.

Originally constructed for the 1988 Calgary Olympics as a tribute to Canada’s First Nations, it was moved to Canada’s sunniest city in 1991. It is a fitting location, as the city’s peculiar name – Medicine Hat – is tied to the Blackfoot word saamis, which translates to ‘Medicine man’s hat,’ as well as a number of legends from First Nations people.

The valley surrounding the Saamis teepee was an important gathering place for Cree and Blackfoot people. An archaeological site sits in the valley below, revealing clues of an ancient buffalo jump.

This photo shoot took place in early April, during rare, heavy fog, and morning frost. It’s challenging to find unique ways of presenting Medicine Hat’s teepee, but the combination of unique angles and rare weather make this a shoot worth sharing.